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2018 - 2020

Regione Lazio nell’ambito del bando “Presa in carico, orientamento e accompagnamento per l’inclusione sociale attiva”  POR FSE 2014-2020

Storytelling for the social reintegration of boys and girls in prison

The project “I and my place in the world. Pathways to well-being and social reintegration “ aims to support young prisoners aged between 16 and 24 in interconnected experiential paths designed to reinforce the personality of the individual and to direct them towards a career path of social inclusion.

The initiative is aimed at boys and girls of the IPM of Casal del Marmo in Rome subjected to a definitive sentence issued by the judicial authority with limitation or restriction of individual freedom.

Overall, these paths lead young people towards a better self-knowledge, an individual and social reconstruction, and towards a work inclusion.

The project will last 12 months and will be divided into several phases. The first provides an individual and collective orientation preparatory to the realization of an individual project aimed at strengthening the personal abilities of the individual and social reintegration through psychological support and counseling activities.

The activities are structured in dedicated paths:

– the reconstruction of the self as a component of a natural and social community;

– food education, a bridge between the most strictly biological and the social, practical and working aspects;

– to the social and cultural environment;

– communication, the social network, the structure of human communities, from the family to social and cultural institutions;

– legal and employment rights, developed by field specialists.

Melting Pro offers an attractive and engaging path on communication and digital. Through the use of narrative-based techniques, digital storytelling workshops will be managed for the creation of videos of a few minutes focusing on the stories and expectations of the participants.

“I and my place in the world” is an initiative funded by the Lazio Region within the tender “Taking charge, guidance and support for active social inclusion” POR FSE 2014-2020 and is carried out by Melting Pro in partnership with: ECCOM (leader), Naturalmente, Archetipo and FlyerSound.

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