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2021 - 2022

Veneto Region, POR FSE 2014-2020, Dgr. 818 23/06/2020

A training course to respond to the new and urgent needs of the cultural and creative sector

How to adapt to changes in the cultural market?

Many cultural enterprises have seen their activities stop or be significantly limited due to the health emergency.

The project involves several small and medium-sized cultural enterprises based in the Veneto region: a training course has been tailored to meet their different needs in terms of re-organisation of services, redefinition of cultural proposals and internal management models, use of digital technologies and virtual communication channels.

Through the transformation and innovation of internal procedures and cultural products, the enterprises involved will be able to effectively reposition themselves and adapt to the sudden changes in the cultural market.

Melting Pro, as operational partner, is in charge of providing and teaching the training modules of the course. The project adopts an integrated approach, combining theoretical moments with experiential activities, discussion of opinions and practical simulations on specific cases.

Through the training offered by Idealab, the cultural enterprises involved will be able to learn new methods and tools for management and planning, and will elaborate their own adjustment and relaunching plan.

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