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Novembre 2022

Municipalities of Borbona, Leonessa and Posta


Three municipalities, at the crossroads of three regions, work together to imagine new collaborations and to allow the restart the territory

Borbona, Leonessa and Posta, three municipalities in the province of Rieti on the border with Umbria and Abruzzo have decided to plan together the reconstruction after the 2016 earthquake, with the aim of growing as a united territorial area.

Melting Pro, in collaboration with the architects and urban planners responsible for the implementation of the Extraordinary Program of Intermunicipal Reconstruction, Francesco Nigro and Federico Della Puppa (Smart Land), was responsible for the listening activities of the local communities.

The objective of the service was to maximize the involvement of local communities and to obtain positive effects in terms of inclusion and active participation in the definition of the Extraordinary Program of Intermunicipal Reconstruction.

The activities were designed to reach various stakeholders and thus represent the community as a whole.

Through the use of participatory techniques identified in relation to the type and number of people, to the locations and to the purpose of the clients, the listening tables held in the 3 municipalities saw the active involvement of citizens, local organizations and associations, representatives of the rural world, of services and tourism.

The meetings were extremely useful for understanding the dynamics of the territory and the relationships between the three municipalities and for gathering information from the participants useful for the definition of the Intermunicipal Plan.

Furthermore, Melting Pro developed a kit of communication products created ad hoc and aimed at supporting the municipalities in the promotion of the events and reaching the targets to be involved.

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