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Impresa Sociale Con i bambini

We strengthen the local community through participatory processes and the regeneration of an open space for citizens

From “ghetto school” to model of openness and welcome
A new phase of growth for the Pisacane school community begins

The community born around the Carlo Pisane School in Rome has been working for years to improve the neighbourhood and make the school a welcoming place open to all and in which future citizens can grow.

A collective work that in the last 15 years has led to the transformation of the school itself, from a place to escape from, to a symbol of a good school, of integration and inclusion.

A sign of this change is the increase in class sizes, from 15 in 2013 to 26 in 2021.

The “Innesti di comunità” (Community grafting. Open spaces for growing together) project was created precisely to strengthen the Pisacane Educating Community, to enhance what has already been done with a view to further growth and expansion, and to regenerate a space inside the school, the former caretaker’s house, to transform it into the Educating Community House.

The aim is to foster an educational and culturally stimulating environment in the neighbourhood, starting from the needs of children and girls.

The activities, which will last 24 months, envisage the active and conscious involvement of the community made up of children, teachers, families and local associations through a series of meetings and co-planning round tables.

In detail:
> meetings with the community

> co-design activity

> twinning with other educating communities

> regeneration of the former caretaker’s house and transformation into a community house

> realisation of an educational pact between the community and institutions

For more info follow the social fb and ig pages @innestidicomunita and contact the project contact person Laura Bove,


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