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Presidency of the Council of Ministers, Department for Family Policies – “EduCare” public notice

Informal education for the empowerment of adolescents

Adolescence is the age group most affected in social and psychological terms by social distancing

At a time when the lack of opportunities also makes it difficult to strengthen interpersonal relationships, the INSEDOUT project responds by creating a “common journey” of knowledge and play, in which to increase the quality of relationships between people with the aim of breaking the state of isolation and loneliness.

The training path promoted by the project is a strong lever for the development of individuality that helps the child to recognise himself as an active and participating member of a community.

The action plan includes

– specific educational empowerment activities aimed at young people living in disadvantaged conditions, in the care of social services, including MSNA, in the 11-17 age range, including discovery paths linked to the individual environment, social environment, digital environment, natural environment, cultural environment, intercultural environment, sustainable mobility environment

– activities of empowerment of the educating community and family support

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In this scenario Melting Pro is responsible for the digital workshop in which it promotes the use of digital storytelling and photography as a tool for empowerment and as an expressive reporting medium.

InsideOut promotes the networking of workshop activities that can develop skills useful for greater self-knowledge through a dual action, one towards the inside, one’s own mind and passion for knowledge, the other towards the outside world. The young people, strengthened by the tools they have acquired during their training in a familiar and protected environment, will then be able to take possession of the outside world in their familiar territory.

For information contact Federica Pesce,, Head of Storytelling Area.

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