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2019 - 2020

Regione Lazio – POR FESR 2014- 2020  Avviso Atelier Arte Bellezza, Arte e Cultura

The museum of Trajan’s Markets become a place for dialogue and interaction

The Live Museum, Live Change aims to enhance the Trajan’s Market by interpreting the museum as an open, living, interactive and accessible cultural space for different audiences.

Nowadays museums are places of memory, identity, custody of material and immaterial heritage, where conservation and change, stability and dynamism coexist or alternate. However, as happens to living organisms, they can be subject to extinction and fossilization if they are not continuously lived, inhabited or regenerated. The vitality of a museum is linked to its adaptive, transformative potential, of co-evolution with its environment and its society, to its capacity to welcome and stimulate new narratives.

The project intends to inhabit the Trajan’s Market as a living museum and porous space. It sees the contamination of languages ​​the main tool to enhance the place, going beyond the boundaries of every artistic specificity, through the synergy between contemporary arts, digital tools for the narration and arts of nature.

Live Museum, Live Change intends to represent a space where new visions and cultural fruition can generate works of art and narrations in harmony with the genius loci, renewing dialogues and relationships between inside and outside.

Funded under the 2014-2013 POR FESR program in response to the “Atelier Art Beauty, Art and Culture” call, the project has a duration of 18 months starting from November 2018 and involves the construction of four main itineraries:

  • artistic residences for the creation of a dynamic garden in the museum spaces;
  • Digital Storytelling Ateliers, for the realization of narratives that interpret the Markets;
  • Merchandising Ateliers for designing design objects;
  • Sound Drama Ateliers for the construction dedicated to the experience and the transformations of the Markets.

The Ateliers, conceived as “contact areas”, will give life to new personal and collective narratives, which will be collected, disseminated and amplified through human voices and digital technology. They will articulate around the main theme of the transformations of which the garden is an example and a metaphor.

Contact: Federica Pesce

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