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Fondazione Scuola per i beni e le attività culturali


Melting Pro, with its unique expertise and capabilities, was selected by the Fondazione Scuola per i beni e le attività culturali to bolster the operations of the Grant Office for European funding of the Ministry of Culture.

Through our joint efforts, the Grant Office has embarked on a transformative journey guided by the pillars of capacity Building, Networking, and Communication. This strategic direction, infused with MeP’s vision and expertise, is poised to position the office as a beacon for the administration and the national and international players in research applied to culture, cultural heritage, and creativity. Our approach is collaborative, sustainable, and open to diverse contributions, paving the way for a promising future.

Our support developed in a phase of mapping and analysis of the areas of intervention, research and strategic design, development and testing and transversal monitoring activities.

Together with Melting Pro, the MiC Grant Office has created:

  • Monitoring and evaluation activities for the leading online and laboratory training events dedicated to Europlanning;
  • The first 3 Focus newsletters on topics of interest transversal to European planning 21-27 for cultural heritage and activities;
  • The first World Café of the Grant Office with more than 30 guests, experts in European planning in the scientific, creative and cultural fields;
  • The office’s identity and image will be developed in a coordinated visual pack to support all communication activities.

The MiC Grant Office proceeds, with the strategic support of Melting Pro, on the path of valorisation and development of skills and in search of strategic alliances for a project in line with the thematic and qualitative expectations of the new season of European programming, committed to defining better performances of participation in European calls in the cultural and creative field.

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