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2021 - 2022

Fondazione Pastificio Cerere


In an age where we’re overloaded with information but craving meaning, how can we engage and activate people through culture? Just ask them what the solutions could be.

The Pastificio Cerere Foundation, an important contemporary art center in Rome, asked MeP to follow the many activities of the I Fuochi di San Lorenzo. Alla scoperta del distretto artistico intended for the neighborhood communities: exhibitions, talks, educational workshops, shows and guided tours, specifically designed to offer experiences and moments of learning in the fields of figurative and performing arts and social topics. A rich calendar of free events designed to trigger creative processes based on participation and relationships, understood as privileged tools for personal and community growth, to improve life in our cities and of those who live there, aspiring to a regeneration that is not merely territorial and architectural but above all relational.

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Evaluation is an important part of the process, it helps us to improve and reflect on ourselves.

A. Silvaggi

Melting Pro designed an evaluation plan of the project to collect ideas for future prospects of collaboration between the Foundation and the territory.

Focus groups, questionnaires, listening activities of the territory, meetings and the use of creative methodologies were the basis of our activity. At the end we presented a final document in line with the reporting needs indicated by the provider.

In particular, the areas evaluated and represented in the report are:

  • promotion and support of artistic research;
  • development of audience engagement practices;
  • extension of the availability of spaces open to the audience dedicated to cultural and socialization activities;
  • stimulate reflection on the present and future challenges of today’s society;
  • give new impetus to the city of Rome;
  • strengthening the production of content accessible online.

All the info on the project here

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