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‘Dalla Ricerca alla Scuola… e ritorno. Scientific method, language and approach for high-quality education’ promotes the dissemination of scientific culture among young students at Italian colleges. It also allows educational institutions to create and experiment with a replicable didactic method that puts students in the very center of the process that leads to the dissemination of scientific knowledge.

This project, supported by MIUR, will be carried out by CNR (National Research Council), ENEA (National Agency for New Technologies, Energy and Sustainable Development) and Melting Pro. It will be structured in different steps: It will start from the activation of the ‘local knots’ that will involve different partners and schools in Rome and Bologna. First of all? a training programme for researchers and teachers will be created. This training aims to update their competences related to scientific dissemination and allow them to acquire new techniques in order to establish fruitful relationships with the students involved. After that, we’ll try out a new format created by CNR: Linguaggio della Ricerca, which has been already tested by some schools in Emilia Romagna. With Linguaggio della Ricerca, researchers will visit different schools to talk with students about science. They will use different techniques that were thought ad hoc for young people. This will allow students to come up with products such as websites, videos, comic books, social media, etc. that will eventually be the tools for scientific dissemination in and out of school.

The best ideas will be rewarded at the Annual CNR Convention and promoted through well-known communicational platforms such as RAI Educational or Il Sole24 Educational.

Students that want to go deeper into these activities, will have the possibility of taking part in ‘SperimEstate’, another format created by CNR that will welcome some students for a traineeship at CNR’s laboratories.

Dalla Ricerca alla Scuola… e ritorno will finish with some digital storytelling activities: students, helped by technicians and specialists in the field, will make a ‘smart-video’ using their smartphones, and audiovisual material that will give account of their experience from their point of view.

Results of the students’ creations will be widespread national and internationally, thanks to the collaboration with Scienza Società Scienza Committee (organisers of Festival della Scienza di Cagliari), Bacau Natural History Museum and Valencia Natural History Museum.

3 young people who participated in the project contest, made a video in collaboration with the director Andrea Giancarli for scientific dissemination.
watch the video here

Contact: Maura Romano,

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