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Made in italY STORY (MY STORY) aims at promoting the brand of the Made in Italy at school.
80 students from the Istituto Superiore E. Amaldi di Roma and from Istituto Superiore Capo D’Arco di Mantova, will create digital storyteling spot to promote italian product of “Made in Italy” such as the Oil of the Sabina Region (LAZIO) and Grana Padano of Mantova.

Students will visit the Museum of Oil of Sabina, which is a beautiful example of a museum of modern art and oil cultivation at the same time. Digital stories will be created by students highlightening their debate and discussions with the oil and grana padano’s producers.

Made and Told is a project funded by the Ministry of Education as part of the public notice “Made in Italy – An educational model”, an initiative designed to accompany the Italian school and the youngest in the understanding of the Made in Italy researching the historical background, economic, cultural and land that make this brand a unique example in the world.

The project will last six months and will end in December 2016.

Contact: Patrizia Braga

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