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Quinta Parete project, funded by MIBACT and promoted by Associazione Giocolieri e Dintorni (G&D), has as its objective the dissemination of contemporary circus arts in Italy and the training of a professional profile linked to audience development.

In partnership with Melting Pro, Quinta Parete will transfer to the Italian contemporary circus field the approach and training methods developed during the european project ADESTE – Audience Developer: Skills and Training in Europe, which Melting Pro is promoter.

Within Quinta Parete, Melting Pro will:
– research and analyze the training needs of the project partners in order to structure the audience development training course to be held in 2016, in line with the experience of the ADESTE project adopted at the European level.

This course aims to develop key skills in audience development to contemporary circus professionals who will be able to:

• deepen their knowledge of their audience
• diversify their audience, working on the social relevance of their activities
• promote new forms of participation
• creating strategic partnerships for the development of new opportunities
• redefine their company’s model of sustainability on the basis of their social and economic impact

Each participant will structure an audience development plan customized to their own company, which represents the strategic framework for the development of their relationship with the public.


This video  it’s about our training during the Circumnavigando Festival in Genova.


Patrizia Braga:
Ludovica De Angelis:


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