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Art, creativity, audience participation and community engagement are the key ingredients of SPACE, replicable format of urban regeneration through cultural creativity by Melting Pro.

The project, supported by the Directorate General for Contemporary Art and Architecture and Urban Suburbs of MiBACT, is carried out by a partnership consisting of the Wunderkammern Gallery (leader), Melting Pro, Ecomuseo Casilino to Duas Lauros and the Tor Pignattara District Committee.

The creation of a Street Art Atelier for young creatives under 30, is the central output of the project. The young creatives will take inspiration from the neighbourhood to create their artworks. The Italian street artist Tellas will also be involved in the artistic process.

Artists will be invited to reflect on the concept of the fragility of urban art, of suburbs and more generally of contemporary society. They will be stimulated to search for “anti-fragile” solutions through artistic language. Hopefully, an engaging experience, which will help them to express their potential and improve their creative skills.

Audience development is the crosscutting theme that will support the project in reaching, widening and engaging different audiences.

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Contact: Maura Romano

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