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The project is funded by UPI, Union of Italian Provinces and it will be developed in the province of Latina.

The Overall goal is to bring out the identity of the territory from remediation and population process occurred over the last century, in order to promote the active participation of young people through the construction of cultural identity paths through the creation of a Virtual Museum of Reclamation.

The beneficiaries of the project are 20 young people between 15 and 18 years of two classes of Liceo Classico Dante Alighieri Latina who will be involved in the creation of the pathways aimed at promoting awareness of their area and to bring out the experiences of their lives Ā thanks to the use of digital storytelling.

To this end, for six months starting from January the 2015, MeP and project partners will be engaged in a number of activities, including:

– collection of archival, librarian and artistic material on the reclamation preserved in the cultural centers of the Province of Latina;

– workshop useful to identify at least 10 thematic routes for the promotion of the territory linked to the reclamation;

– Digital storytelling workshop for the creation and production of short videos which tell the personal experiences of youngstersā€™ lives within that context;

– Creation of the Virtual Museum of Reclamation (2.0 platform).

Melting Pro, in addition to the cross-cutting activities of monitoring, evaluation and dissemination, will organize the workshop of digital storytelling in order to bring out the stories of the area.

Partnership is composed by Melting Pro, Provincia di Latina, project leader, City of Latina, coordination partner, City of Cisterna Ā and Dante Alighieri High School of Latina.

Contact: Laura Bove

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