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2020 - 2023

Comune di Pescara


We build a better future through the recovery of electronic waste

and giving long life to technology

Refurbish Ninja is a a project of social innovation and circular economy that proposes urban regeneration actions through culture and the development of professional skills. It stands form

this vision: knowing, knowing how to do and knowing how to be recycling technologies for a sustainable future.

Despite consumerist mechanisms and early obsolescence, we believe that electronic devices can still be used for a long time before being thrown away.

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Refurbish Ninja acts on the territory of the city of Pescara and provides for actions of:

recovery of electronic material donated in specific collection points.  Here the obsolete hardware devices that citizens will want to donate will be colelcted, through containers similar to the 80s video game cabinets. The points will be positioned in strategic places such as schools, institutions and squares.

training of young people under 35 who live in marginal situations on

  • Refurbishing – Basic Programming and Electronics
  • Digital Storytelling
  • Conscious use of Social Networks
  • Creative Entrepreneurship

– the creation of a relational work of art with the active participation of citizens and starting from the waste of obsolete hardware that cannot be reused.

Art, recycling and knowledge are the spokespersons of a true social regeneration and territorial rebirth that will actively involve citizens and communities.

The project is funded by the Presidency of the Council of Ministers for the implementation of the program called “Program for urban regeneration and safety of the outskirts of the city of Pescara”.

Do you want to learn more about the project or become a digital Ninja yourself?

Contact Federica Pesce contact person for the project and responsible of  Melting Pro Storytelling Area

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