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2020 - 2021

Presidency of the Council of Ministers – Department of Youth and Universal Civil Service and of the National Association of Italian Municipalities (ANCI)

Creative transformation of the covered market of Teramo

The transformation of the covered market of Teramo through the involvement of young musicians and designers and with the active participation of citizens

SPACE MARKET. Urban cultural market wants to enhance the market through cultural initiatives and architectural interventions.

The regenerative process will take place through the active and direct involvement of local communities and young architects, designers and musicians under 35. The contamination and exchange between art and commercial activities – which will coexist in the same regenerated spaces – the creation of a board of young people managers and a cultural center, will once again make the market an active part of the city, favoring its tourist relaunch.

Managed by young people for young people in the area, the project will use the contemporary languages of music, architecture and design through the activation of two urban Ateliers:  Design and Sustainable Architecture which will deal with the physical adaptation of spaces, and  Contemporary Music which will create site-specific musical performances within the structure.

All the initiatives will be the result of the dialogue between artists, traders and citizens.

SPACE aims to relaunch the Abruzzo Region together with its community.

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Contact Maura Romano,, head of Creative Local Development Area to know better the projet and to apply the SPACE format in your city.

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