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Rome Capital – Department of Urban Planning and Implementation

An experimental laboratory for the transformation of Tor Bella Monaca

Spazio Cantiere, the neighborhood laboratory that supports the inhabitants of Tor Bella Monaca in the process of physical and social transformation of the territory

The suburbs of Rome are affected by a large urban regeneration programme, financed by the PNRR, which includes material interventions on areas and buildings and immaterial interventions to promote social, cultural and economic activities.

In this context, the Spazio Cantiere was born, the laboratory established by the Municipality of Rome in Tor Bella Monaca and managed by the DICEA Department of the Sapienza University of Rome in collaboration with Melting Pro.

The laboratory, as well as those of Corviale and Santa Maria della Pietà, represents Roma Capitale‘s desire to activate participatory processes aimed at local communities within the Integrated Urban Plan and to open a direct channel of communication and support aimed at the inhabitants of the territory and the local associative fabric.

In particular, the activities of the Spazio Cantiere aim to support the inhabitants in the process of transformation of the R5 public residential building sector and to promote moments of community building and social cohesion.

Tor Bella Monaca is a socially complex territorial reality, but at the same time it is rich in bottom-up cultural and social initiatives.

Melting Pro specifically organizes community building meetings, citizen assemblies and cultural activities – workshops, guided tours, storytelling courses – in the R5 area, in order to actively involve the inhabitants, the territorial stakeholders and the local associative fabric. The listening activity and the analysis of the needs and proposals expressed by the community, as well as the mediation between public bodies, inhabitants and associations, therefore prove to be fundamental for encouraging participation and local development.

The Laboratory constitutes a visible reference for the territory and is open 3 days a week, Monday, Wednesday and Friday from 10am to 4pm.

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For more information write to or contact the service representatives for Melting Pro Federica Pesce,, or Laura Bove,

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