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MIUR and MIBAC – Action 4 “Visions out of place”

Cinema made by children to tell the outskirts of Rome

The filmmaking arrives at school! With Videotelling we will support children from the primary and secondary schools in the production of audiovisual products to tell stories ling to Tor Pignattara and Centocelle neighborhoods.

The project aims to promote literacy to the audiovisual and cinematographic language and the establishment of a common space of dialogue and sharing between 4 classes of the School. “Simonetta Salacone”. Our target are 100 children and teenagers between 6 and 13 years. We will help them to develop skills and competences related to the functioning of the production machine of the cinema and audiovisual media through methodologies based on participation and creativity.

Videotelling will take place in Rome in the the eastern suburbs of Tor Pignattara and Centocelle, they are multicultural neighborhoods that, despite the rich historical heritage owned, complain of notable shortages of services and lack of structures dedicated to culture. Together with the students and pupils of the IC Salacone, we will work by combining assisted and participated video-production with paths of literacy and approach to artistic languages, placing cinema at the center as a universal language of narration in all its potential.

During the project 3 teaching modules will be realized:

  • Cinematographic and audiovisual literacy.
  • 4 intensive residential workshops: storytelling, photography, réportage
  • 4 video-production participatory workshops

The project also provides for the creation of 4 videos, one final event open to the public focused on the themes of cinema, reception and peaceful coexistence, migration and active citizenship. The results of Videotelling will be made available through a digital publication with essays, interviews and the story of the project experience.

For information contact Laura Bove

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