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Re-Generation 23

Work and gender equality: an empowerment service for young women under 35

We strengthen the skills of young professionals in order to increase their human capital and facilitate their positioning on the labour market

There is a correlation between the presence of internal skills in non-profit organisations and their ability to survive their first year. This need led to the creation of Women at work (WAW), a project designed during the Covid-19 pandemic to promote gender equality and boost the development of associations created and managed mainly by young people.

WAW aims to strengthen the skills of young third sector organisations, a fundamental path to ensure their sustainability over time.
It is one of the 100 winning projects of VitaminaG – Il bando delle idee, a call for ideas that was very successful among the youth organisations in Lazio, with 1,357 project proposals submitted.

As part of the project, Melting Pro offers a talented group of cultural managers the growth and empowerment service “Professione cultura: competences and skills for new cultural managers“.¬†We will work on the development of soft/relational skills, user-centred design and the use of digital storytelling.

The themes around which all activities are developed are: women; gender issues; self-entrepreneurship.

The service envisages a first phase with training courses for five young under 35 unemployed or unemployable people with a focus on: Fundraising; European planning; Co-design; Economic and social reporting; Audience development and digital storytelling; Management of working groups and focus groups; Inequalities: types and ways to fight them. Afterwards, participants will be involved in conducting, together with the organisation Regeneration23, round tables, focus groups and interviews.

Women at work is an initiative financed by the Lazio Region within the framework of the Generazione Giovani – Vitamina G call for proposals.

For more information on the career paths offered by Melting Pro, contact Antonia Silvaggi, Head of the Skills for Culture Area of Melting Pro.


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