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What is Cultural Democracy? How do we enable participation for all? How can we use our words to create a more just future in a European society? During the summer school in Lisbon, we listened to a lot of inspiring keynotes, lectures and case presentations. We have chosen the most important resources on Audience Development from the ADESTE+ summer school to share with you right here. 

#1 KEYNOTE – Cultural Democracy and the ADESTE Journey
Steven Hadley, National University of Ireland Galway

Dr Steven Hadley is an academic, consultant and researcher working internationally in arts management, cultural policy and audience engagement.
What does cultural democracy look like? How do we make sure that everyone has the power to participate in cultural activities? Watch this keynote speech by Steven Hadley to learn more about the topic.

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#2 KEYNOTE – Words Matter – Decolonizing the Museum
Wayne Modest, Head of Research Center of Material Culture, Tropenmuseum Amsterdam

Peace or justice? If we are going to decolonize the museums, we have to do so by reorganizing the way we think and speak about each other, which sometimes can feel uncomfortable. Watch this inspiring speech by Wayne Modest to learn more about how we can share the future.
Wayne speaks about ‘’being included’’. Who includes whom and under what conditions?
Watch this inspiring speech by Wayne Modest to learn more about how we can share the future.

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LU.CA Theatre is the only theatre in Portugal to focus on children and youth. See this film to learn how they make strategies to fit their audiences’ needs while being respectful the the unique history of the place.

#4 KEYNOTE – Breaking the fourth wall
Lluis Bonet, Director of the UB Cultural Management Program and Full Professor at the Department of Economics of the University of Barcelona

Lluis Bonet  tells here about the principles of cultural democracy. Participation is at the heart of cultural democracy, so his lecture is built on questions from the audience.

During the next few months we will upload a new video every week. Stay tuned!

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