This report summarises the key findings of the research activities carried out in Greece, Portugal and Italy within the Mu.SA Museum Sector Alliance project in order to investigate the supply and demand regarding digital competences in the Museum sector between December 2016 to March 2017.

Based on the results of the previous eCult Skills project, four are the emerging job profiles that are necessary to support museums in the future: the Digital Strategy Manager, the Digital Collections Curator, the Online Community Manager, and the Digital Interactive Experience Developer.”

The research, rather than being statistical, highlights which most are the digital and transferable competences common to the four role-profiles and others that are more specific, such as: strategic and business planning; user needs identification/analysis, product service planning, technology and trend monitoring, innovating, user support, forecast development, relationship management, ICT quality management, audience development, communication, storytelling, time management and creativity, leadership, active listening, team working and fact-driven. These role profiles should have an in-depth knowledge of how a museum works. Moreover, many of the skills and competences attributed to the job profiles should be embedded in the context of working in a team.

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