An innovative workshop by the Skills for Culture Area

How to become more dynamic and effective in the job market? This workshop will help different teams (colleague, students, new entrepreneurs, artists) turn their ideas into actions.
For information: a.silvaggi@meltingpro.org

How to maximize the social impact of a cultural organization? Get to know your communities and audiences to involve them in lasting relationships that will strengthen your relevance.
For information p.braga@meltingpro.org

How to minimize the impact of cultural and creative businesses on the environment: gain green management skills and adapt your communication and planning to environmental and social sustainability.
For information p.braga@meltingpro.org

Explore the SPACE format by the Creative local development Area

How to reactivate places and territories through the relationship between artists and communities: a project format to transform neighborhoods using creative languages.
For information m.romano@meltingpro.org

How to reshape the future of cities and suburban areas by strengthening local networks, empowering citizens, involving artists. A bigger project format to guide the local development of fragile areas and communities at risk.
For information m.romani@meltingpro.org

Here are the services by the Storytelling Area

Storytelling techniques as a support for: teaching and adult education; empowerment and facilitation of groups; social cooperation.
For information f.pesce@meltingpro.org

How to build together new ways of narrating, relating to and understanding cultural heritage. Storytelling workshops for museums, archives and libraries.
For information f.pesce@meltingpro.org