Our research deepens the complex mechanisms of the cultural and creative sector to respond to its critical issues by developing strategies and innovative models of development. 
Our aim is to innovate practices and professional profiles related to the management of art and culture. 

Through the dynamics of dialogue and exchange of best practices allowed by the cooperation projects, we analyze and deepen themes, methods, approaches and experiences related to 
professions in the cultural sphere.
Among them:
• research and assessment of innovative strategies for the enhancement of territories through the development of cultural and creative resources; 

• promotion of social inclusion and active citizenship through the use of new technologies and innovative techniques such as digital storytelling; 

• study of the key competencies for the cultural sector, of how to empower professionals and businesses and foster creative entrepreneurship; 

• analysis of the policies for cultural access and participation, of new business models focused on the public and development of strategies for audience development and engagement.

The research opportunities that open up through our projects trigger a “cascade” effect which allows the continuous updating of our working group, the promotion of local initiatives inspired by minnovative models and the adoption of international quality standards in structuring and delivering of our training.