Melting Pro’s training is based on the development of key skills for professionals in the cultural and creative sector. 
Our goal is to transfer new models and tools to promote the sustainability and growth of individuals and businesses. 

The contents of our courses and training packages cover the following topics: project design and management, digital storytelling, creative entrepreneurship, audience development. 

The structure of our training initiatives alternates moments of theoretical study with practical activities and workshops conducted through the use of innovative non-formal methods and techniques inspired by design thinking, visual mapping, creative play. 

The experience that our staff has gained on the field characterizes the courses by providing participants with tips and practical advice inspired by real cases: the transferred tools and methodologies are immediately usable by attendants in their work practices. 

The training approach promoted by Melting Pro is in line with EU policies for lifelong learning and focuses on the development of personal skills and competencies related to entrepreneurship, one of the eight key competencies identified at European level as a factor of primary importance for innovation, productivity and competitiveness in the labor market.
Our courses are flexible and adaptable to the needs of groups and individuals, to public and private entities. 

Interested in our training? Contact us and we will find the opportunity that best suits your needs.