For the development of innovative, leadership and interpersonal skills of future cultural leaders

SOFT SKILLS is a flexible workshop to become more effective and practical in pursuing a career in the cultural sector and to transform dreams, ideas and projects into professional opportunities.

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The workshop is targeted at:

  • Universities and training institutions that want to improve their courses or Masters, integrating a path that offers key tools to increase their occupational impact
  • Organizations and cultural enterprises interested in team building, leadership, development of soft and relational skills
  • Creative start-ups that want to strengthen their mission, strategic skills, networking and teamwork

By choosing SOFT SKILLS organizations and companies will gain an empowerment experience, essential for the development of key skills, including:

  • the ability to identify and enhance strengths and existing skills;
  • the ability to adapt to new situations and respond to change knowing how to relate to work groups, alliances and partnerships;
  • the ability to develop innovative solutions and approaches outside the common box.

The workshop SOFT SKILLS adopts an unconventional working method, with techniques inspired by design thinking and gaming, creative tools with a strong visual and dynamic component, simulations starting from real cases and role playing. The participatory dimension makes the learning experience personal and unique.

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Melting Pro adapts the SOFT SKILLS workshop to the needs of each single group, training institution, organization or company

Contact Antonia Silvaggi, Head of the Skills for Culture Area for a better understanding of how this service can be tailored to your needs.

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